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Creating Mindful Marketing Strategies

Ctrl+Alt Marketing founder Nicole Fortunaso is a veteran internet marketing executive and strategist.  In 2002 she was a founding employee for start-up companies based in Montreal including Ecom Access, Income Access and Share Results. Ecom Access quickly grew from 5 team members, working out of an apartment, to a $40Million dollar acquisition by Paysafe.  Nicole has worked with a variety of clients and industry verticals in leisure, entertainment and eCommerce industries, including brands such as Hudson’s Bay, Scotia Bank, Lasik MD, Goodyear, US Federal Government Administration and Agencies.

Ctrl + Alt Marketing is focused on combining technology, marketing and operational strategies to help build sustainable growth and revenue for clients whether they just be a one person start-up or a 50 + person business. We have appropriate tools, structures and approaches to address your situation and help you reach your desired sales and marketing goals.

Teaching and sharing knowledge is an important value of Ctrl+Alt Marketing and Nicole applies this directly to her clients ensuring that they have the tools and strategies to continue their marketing initiatives well after the initial mandate has been achieved.  Ctrl+Alt Marketing also teaches new entrepreneurs and start-ups how to go about putting together their first marketing plans and conducts courses on how to launch a business and set-up your blog.

Mission and Values

Ctrl+Alt Marketing’s mission is to assist clients who are ready to start a business or re-energize their existing business model, through mindful marketing strategies that allow clients to manifest their true purpose of growth, profitability and global change.

  • Supporting and nurturing client relationships
  • Continuous education
  • Sharing knowledge and empowering our clients
  • Practical and sustainable strategies that focus on growth
  • Communication and transparency
  • Mindfulness

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