Our Approach

 Our Approach

Ctrl+Alt Marketing believe in combining grass roots strategies with a client’s available marketing budget to deliver a balanced marketing mix.  Supporting this marketing mix is crucial to maintaining growth and sales targets and to uncover and create new opportunities.  This is why Ctrl+Alt Marketing encourages ongoing testing of new marketing initiatives and looks to strategically integrate them into your marketing plan to maximize their success and optimize your sales funnel.

To foster an environment of growth, we expect our clients to be open-minded in exploring and testing their new strategies – even if you have tried them before.  Furthermore, we expect our clients to dedicate their time or resources to marketing that they can do themselves and or allocating marketing dollars towards initiatives that can push the company’s sales forward.

Being an entrepreneur is an exhilarating process and picking the right marketing strategies that suit your philosophies, resources and growth is a crucial and key element to your success. Ctrl+Alt Marketing can help take the stress out of fine tuning your marketing by working with you to recommend a marketing mix that specifically suits you. We work with you to give you a personal path for growth by creating visual timelines with clear targets and goals.

Ctrl+Alt Marketing often work with companies to reinvigorate sales and branding when:

  • current marketing initiatives are flat-lining and need a reboot
  • more marketing power is needed to start a new market initiative or product
  • reliance on one particular initiative is not as successful as it has been in the past and other solutions are needed

In these scenarios, we work with you to evaluate how you do what you do and how you fill your funnel and then help you create a marketing mix that supports the growth, maintenance and health of your sales funnel. We then further look to develop a strategy and calendar of activities and events that supports marketing and sales growth in line with your business philosophies.

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